Finding out what turns you on is not that easy

The other day I dated a gent at London escorts. He was ever such a nice guy, but he said that he did not know what turned him on anymore. It is not the first time that I have heard this. More people than ever are not sure about what turns them on, and that includes me. Why it is, I don’t know, but I am sure that something is going on in general.


Perhaps we are overexposed to porn and sex. On my way into London escorts of a couple of days ago, I was reading this magazine. It was shocking how much porn you get into Cosmo these days. It is not to be a sexy or porn style magazine, but I think that it has turned into that. When I finished reading the magazine, I wondered if we are not all getting too much of a good thing. It could very well be the case.


The same thing applies to TV and especially to adverts. At the moment there is an advert running for an insurance company. It is supposed to be a dance-off between the strutters and the builders. The strutters dressed in sexy gear and even the same kind of stilettos that I wear at  London escorts. Okay, it is to be funny, but it has that sort of sexual edge to it. I am sure that some people actually see the entire advert as sexy, and once again, we are back on overdosing on sex.


There are many other examples, as well. If you look at the shop windows, you will find that many of the displays are getting sexier. It could be that most people don’t pick up on it, but I certainly do. I went to buy some new lingerie with a friend of mine from London escorts the other day, and all of the mannequins were in real provocative poses. It is nothing wrong with that at all, but perhaps it is a bit too much. We should hold certain things back as they may not ever seem sexy again.


All in all, I think that it is hard to say what turns you on these days. I know that physically I get turned on by a pair of beautiful biceps. But spiritually, things are different. One of my top dates at London escorts likes to read to me, and I often find that I get turned on by what he reads to me. Books often paint a picture, and I think that images made to fit into your sense of the erotic. That is what turns me on. I like to create my fantasies, and I know that many other girls feel the same way. We don’t need something right in front of us to get turned on. A little bit of sensuality certainly helps.

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